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Espace Fabrique Summary in 1 ‘ 30 ‘ ‘ by Intramuros Design Magazine:

Espace Fabrique, opened in August 2017, is the first manufacturing Co-operative in Montreal. Espace manufactures is an area of creation, training and industrial manufacturing, a meeting place where the products of tomorrow are born.

What is a manufacturing co-operative?Lathe Machining Space manufactures

The purpose of the Espace Fabrique is to allow access to industrial machines of all types for wood, metal, or even digital manufacturing. It is a place where people come to produce their objects in small series or to validate the plans or the processes of making their objects.

Espace Fabrique Offers

SMEs, artisans and students can share freely together on their ideas and offer their expertise to those who need it. The Espace Fabrique allows:

Welding Mechanical Fabrication Space manufactures

  • Learning with training and sharing knowledge
  • To prototype using self-service machines
  • To manufacture in small-series thanks to industrial machine tools
  • To outsource manufacturing to space teams manufactures
  • Renting a work room
  • To call on coaches during the implementation of the projects
  • To have the material delivered directly on site
  • Store it with storage space
  • From ordering bundles to attractive prices

Espace Fabrique is a valuable place for Montreal entrepreneurs because it is the only place that allows them to have access to high-level industrial machines to prototype their products with precision making them marketable.

Upstream of these prototyping and manufacturing phases, ACTI Inc offers members of the Espace Fabrique to assist them in the mechanical design and industrial design phases.

 Tools availableMachine Manufacturing Space manufactures

Members have access to 19 machine tools such as:

  • Milling Machine/Lathe
  • Sander
  • Saws
  • Drill
  • Folder
  • Welding stations
  • SOLIDWORKS Station

Find Us

Just as ACTI Inc., Espace Fabrique accompanies its members, from the idea to the design and up to the manufacture of a product and that is why we decided to install our offices in the heart of the factory space. For your projects in custom industrial equipment, be it purely mechanical or you want to develop a custom automated machine, find ACTI INC at the Espace Fabrique.
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