ACTI INC: Your partner in custom mechanical design

ACTI INC is a specialized engineering design firm, located in the manufacturing area of the centre of Montreal. We accompany you throughout your industrial projects, according to your technical needs.

Our expertise

  • Writing your specifications, if you need support
  • Proposal for innovative technical solutions-design drawing
  • Feasibility study if necessary
  • Realization of 3d mechanical design with Solidworks and AutoCAD CAD software
  • Manufacturing Drawing
  • Unit prototyping to validate our solutions with you

Our accomplishments in mechanical design



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4767 Dagenais Street, Local 108, Suite 13
Montreal, QC, H4C 1L8

+ 1 (514) 660 2364

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Espace Fabrique: Returns of Speed Dating technique

Speed Dating Space ManufacturesEspace Fabrique, the first manufacturing cooperative in Montreal, in partnership with OuiShare Québec, was organizing their 1st speed dating technique on February 13th. This was an afternoon of exchanges between technical experts and project-holders around questions related to innovation:Space Factory Speed Dating

  • Creative process
  • Product Validation
  • Incubation
  • Fundraising
  • Design and feasibility
  • Putting into operation
  • Prototyping
  • Distribution

As technical experts, the members of ACTI Inc participated in this half-day and were able to intervene in particular on subjects of product Validation, incubation, mechanical design and feasibility as well as Production. We were also able to help some project holders by giving them contacts corresponding to their specific needs through our network.

This event allowed the project holders to present the problems they encounter on their current projects, to ask questions to the experts in order to know the common mistakes and know how to avoid them, or to present their ideas In order to have a return on the feasibility of their ideas and get out of the isolation of start-ups.

The meeting ended with a time of friendly networking during which the various stakeholders were able to discuss their ongoing projects and find technical solutions, partnerships, or advice.

Thanks again to the Espace manufactures and OuiShare Québec for this wonderful day!

4767 Dagenais Street, Local 108, Suite 13
Montreal, QC, H4C 1L8
+ 1 (514) 660-2364

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4767 Dagenais Street, Local 108
Montreal, QC, H4C 1L8
+ 1 (514) 804-7857

OuiShare Quebec

Visit us at the speed dating of Espace Fabrique

On February 13, 2018, the Montreal Manufacturing Cooperative, Espace Fabrique, organizes a speed dating technique within its premises. The ACTI Inc team will share its feedback on entrepreneurial incubation, mechanical design and operation!

Speed Dating Technique

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2:00-2:30: Welcome, registration, opening
2:30-3:00: Team Building activity
3:00-5:00: Speed Dating and Group meeting
5.00 am-5:45: Conclusion
6:00 am-9:00 am: Networking

Speed Dating Activities

The day will be organized around 2 main exchange activities:

  • Speed Dating
    Speed Dating will allow you to meet professionals from the manufacturing community.
    You will then be able to discuss your material issues with them.

    • Industrial Design
    • Electronic
    • Mechatronics
    • Locksmith
    • Metallurgy
    • Cabinet
    • Plastics
    • Ceramic
    • Textile
  • Group Meeting
    Group meetings will allow you to discuss the different stages of the process of developing a manufacturing project:

    • Creative process, definition of problematic
    • Product Validation, market research, focus group
    • Entrepreneurial incubation
    • Fundraising
    • Design, feasibility
    • Prototyping, pre-serie
    • Putting into operation
    • Distribution

Meet our Members

As a member of Space manufactures, ACTI INC. Will participate in this day Speed Dating Technique. You will be able to find our members at group meetings.

Ian Flynn Alexander Lim Shakti Bergeron

Ian Flynn

Entrepreneurial incubation

Ian has worked for 5 years at ACTI Inc., first in France to participate in the creation of the company specialized in design and manufacturing of custom industrial equipment, then in Montreal for more than 3 years for the creation of the subsidiary in Quebec.

Alexander Lim

Design, feasibility

Alexandre has worked for 3 and a half years in the French studies Bureau of the POMA company, the world leader in cable transport, on special projects (such as the cabins for the Ferris Wheel of Montreal), and in the design of Telecabins, Funiculars, inclined elevators.

Shakti Bergeron

Putting into operation

Shakti has worked three and a half years in the methods, quality and logistics services of Bosch Rexroth in France, mainly on projects of continuous improvement and industrialisation of new production lines. She joined ACTI Inc in Montreal in January 2018.

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4767 Dagenais Street, Local 108, Suite 13
Montreal, QC, H4C 1L8
+ 1 (514) 660-2364
Logo Space Factory
4767 Dagenais Street, Local 108
Montreal, QC, H4C 1L8
+ 1 (514) 804-7857


ACTI Inc moves in the Espace Fabrique

Project Design Manufacturing Space manufactures

Espace Fabrique Summary in 1 ‘ 30 ‘ ‘ by Intramuros Design Magazine:

Espace Fabrique, opened in August 2017, is the first manufacturing Co-operative in Montreal. Espace manufactures is an area of creation, training and industrial manufacturing, a meeting place where the products of tomorrow are born.

What is a manufacturing co-operative?Lathe Machining Space manufactures

The purpose of the Espace Fabrique is to allow access to industrial machines of all types for wood, metal, or even digital manufacturing. It is a place where people come to produce their objects in small series or to validate the plans or the processes of making their objects.

Espace Fabrique Offers

SMEs, artisans and students can share freely together on their ideas and offer their expertise to those who need it. The Espace Fabrique allows:

Welding Mechanical Fabrication Space manufactures

  • Learning with training and sharing knowledge
  • To prototype using self-service machines
  • To manufacture in small-series thanks to industrial machine tools
  • To outsource manufacturing to space teams manufactures
  • Renting a work room
  • To call on coaches during the implementation of the projects
  • To have the material delivered directly on site
  • Store it with storage space
  • From ordering bundles to attractive prices

Espace Fabrique is a valuable place for Montreal entrepreneurs because it is the only place that allows them to have access to high-level industrial machines to prototype their products with precision making them marketable.

Upstream of these prototyping and manufacturing phases, ACTI Inc offers members of the Espace Fabrique to assist them in the mechanical design and industrial design phases.

 Tools availableMachine Manufacturing Space manufactures

Members have access to 19 machine tools such as:

  • Milling Machine/Lathe
  • Sander
  • Saws
  • Drill
  • Folder
  • Welding stations
  • SOLIDWORKS Station

Find Us

Just as ACTI Inc., Espace Fabrique accompanies its members, from the idea to the design and up to the manufacture of a product and that is why we decided to install our offices in the heart of the factory space. For your projects in custom industrial equipment, be it purely mechanical or you want to develop a custom automated machine, find ACTI INC at the Espace Fabrique.
ACTI Engineering Logo
4767 Dagenais Street, Local 108, Suite 13
Montreal, QC, H4C 1L8
+ 1 (514) 660-2364
Logo Space Factory
4767 Dagenais Street, Local 108
Montreal, QC, H4C 1L8
+ 1 (514) 804-7857


Visit us at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit #2 K 122

ACTI Inc welcomes Bigorre Engineering, a specialist in custom-tailored equipment and special machines for the transportation industry, in Montreal as part of the UITP Global Public transport Summit from May 15-18.

Bogie tram transport trolley, train, metro Bigorre engineering

Above: Trolley transport of bogies

Bigorre engineering is specialized in mechanical engineering, automated systems and special machines including sister company for ease of maintenance in the rail sector and transport, but also with a flagship for accessibility and security: the height gap / gap filler.

Please come to us to analyze how we can help you in North America and Europe.