Do you want to improve your productivity on your assembly lines? We can help you implement optimal kitting strategies. Within your manufacturing processes, the material and products that you need to store and handle have exceptional dimensions and weight? Our technical team will help you analyze your environment and define your requirements in order to offer you a turnkey custom-made solution.

Kitting carts

Discover some of our specific carts and kitting carts references:

  • Kitting car with modular shelfs
  • Kitting cart for industrial transformers assembly
  • Custom made A carts
  • Aluminium cart
  • Specific pallet carts
Handling Equipment

Discover some of our material handling equipment references:

  •  Galvanized steel palett
  • ‘’ Hook & Pin ‘’ cart handling system
  • Optimization of a transfert table: centering and securing system
  • Set of cart, table and handling box
Storage Equipment

Discover some of our storage equipment references:

  • KANBAN galvanized shelfs
  • Large dimension handling boxes
  • Palett storage and handling table