Do you specialize in sheet metal transformation and need specific tools to do so? Your machined parts don’t respect your tolerance requirements and you can’t fix it with CNC programming?

Our technical team can help you analyze your environment and define your requirement in order to offer you a turnkey custom made forming or straightening solution.

Here is an example of a custom-made straightening machine that we designed, built and integrated for an AIRBUS tear one supplier. It was designed to replace a manual hammering process.


T-junctions (ALU7075) on various AIRBUS planes
A flexible solution: adjustable pressure, geometry, thickness of parts and speed.

Process :

Roller-burnishing process qualified by AIRBUS
Replaces manual hammering process
5 times faster

Quality :

Gain in compliance and surface aspect with a non-marking technology
Designed for safety and easy maintenance

Sécurity :

APAVE certification equivalent to CSA
CE marking